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House warming cookies

A special treat! House warming cookies it’s always nice when you can finally call home home! I know the experience can be a but traumatizing ! Nobody likes to pack and move and unpack ! But at the end when it’s all said and done you can kick back relax and enjoy your new place !




I’ve moved several times and I sure wish I would have had a basket of these at the end of the night !


Happy Earth Day

Take this day to enjoy the beauty and the natures of the earth ! Smell the fresh morning breeze and although bad things happen on earth the earth still has a beauty worth appreciating!


Summer is coming

Summer is coming very exciting opportunities to bake for weddings , baby showers and BBQ ! The challenge is to bake cupcakes that can with stand the heat if you have any suggestions I welcome all!


Senior Council Volunteer Recognition

Pound cake fluff cupcakes donated to the Senior Council Recognition Ceremony! Jacqueline’s Cupcakes appreciate those who take the time and make the effort to help our senior citizens ! Volunteers are needed in many places ! It is a great way to give back ! Thank you to all the volunteers !