Winnie the Pooh inspired baby shower

On this day my friend and I who is the founder of Ahh Suga Suga candy buffet decided to come together and host this Winnie the Pooh inspired theme baby shower and I have to say it turned out fabulous! This baby shower took place in Queens Newyork ! For the favors I decided to go old school and get creative I used plain white porcelain mugs and used permanant markers to write different Winnie the Pooh quotes ,then I baked them in the oven so that the ink would set and they could be washed! I then filled the mugs with pastel colored mini marshmallows and tied them up in plastic bags !They actually turned out pretty cute,every one loved them !Then for the second set of favors I used mini flower planters as honey pots and hand painted them to look like the Winnie the Pooh honey pots and hand wrote hunny on them with a permanent marker ,I then filled them with tootsie rolls ! For the cupcakes I coordinated the liner colors with Ahh Suga Suga candy colors ! The flavors I used were pound cake fluff and chocolate zucchini and guava with a vanilla bean buttercream! Topped with edible images of The Winnie the Pooh characters. If you would like to follow Jacquelines Cupcakes and Ahh Suga Suga you can do so on Facebook and Twitter!






House warming cookies

A special treat! House warming cookies it’s always nice when you can finally call home home! I know the experience can be a but traumatizing ! Nobody likes to pack and move and unpack ! But at the end when it’s all said and done you can kick back relax and enjoy your new place !




I’ve moved several times and I sure wish I would have had a basket of these at the end of the night !


Fondant cookie

My boy loves to help and decorate he is just like his momma! I appreciate his determination as well he inspires me with great ideas!